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How We Work

How Ace Space Design Work with our clients.
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We believe in a consultative approach to serving our clients and it’s really simple.

Our Interior designing process starts with discovery to learn more about your requirements. We will schedule a consultation session to meet, chat, listen and understand your needs, desires, lifestyle and budget. We will ask questions (many questions if necessary) to gather as much information as possible to ensure we have a clear understanding of your dream home before we provide a proposal.

Our no-obligation consultation service is free. We believe this is the best way to engage with our clients to deliver the best work. You can also make use of this opportunity to assess if we are a good fit.

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Nick Pang
Founder | Creative Director

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Step 1: Space planning to make your rooms functional and efficient to your needs is our first and top priority.

It starts with an in-depth understanding about you and your love ones (eg. Lifestyle, preference, interest, family size, future plans etc) living in the same space.

With a clear understanding of your needs and wants, we will propose how the space is to be used by drawing up a plan to define specific zones and the activities that will take place in these zones.

This is a critical step is to make sure your house is configured and personalized to fit your family requirements. In our experience, space planning is usually lacking in many local interior designers’ process when we talk to our clients.

Step 2: Defining Theme & Mood comes next… The overall feel of the house is largely dependent on getting this right.

At this stage, you will play a critical role to establish a theme you can connect with…  From Minimalist, Modern, Industrial, Eclectic, Scandinavian, to Whimsy and Dramatic, we’ll introduce appropriate elements to complement your chosen theme:

Color cues – Primary, dominant to background color… how you should use colors throughout the room to support your theme or perhaps an accent color to provide energy and excitement.

Patterns – What are the suitable stripes, checks, floral and plaids pattern that fits your theme… how about mixing it up to add some element of personalization.

Texture – Playing with smooth, shiny, nubby to rustic decoration to add dimension and depth.

Furniture – In addition to functionality, furniture plays an important role to support the overall theme look and feel.

Step 3: Stitching it together with our professional knowledge to make things work… just for you.

This is where we earn our keep as a professional interior designer:

Do you need to make structural changes (knock down a couple of walls, re-locate some plumbing) to make the space work better for you?

Can you make an open concept kitchen works for a heavy cooking family?

Can you use some of your favorite colors, patterns, furniture and decoration pieces to fit your theme?

Can you use creative ideas to reduce your overall renovation budget?

This is the stage where we piece everything together to form the complete picture in a personalized proposal for you.

It’s important to work with a reliable partner to renovate your living space together… Here’s what some of our happy customers have to say:

My millions thanks to Nick and his team to complete my house reno project within one-week time frame as I got a move in date to meet. It will be a long story to share exactly happen here but to keep it short is excellent job and service done by the team and we appreciate it. Thanks ….

Hoe & Jessie (Renonation), Customer

After speaking with the IDs and telling them what we want, we found that Ace Space was more in tune what we wanted – it was very close to what my wife and I had in mind. Nick was able to draw out the design right on the spot – that was pretty intriguing, and we were really very impressed… He’s not a yes man – we didn’t want a yes designer. He could advise us against certain materials – like against cement screed in our kitchen. He fully understood what we want, and very clearly as well. I would say our home – it’s his design, but it’s very very close to what my wife and I wanted. In dealing with changes, Nick and Jaysie were very prompt.

Jeremy (Qanvast), Customer

Excellent service provided by our designer Garett! Respond was very quick and were to our availability. Although there were some hiccups along the way as all renovations would face, he managed to resolve the issues professionally.
Great work!

Roy Ng (Facebook review), Customer

…They know exactly what we wanted, we were very satisfied with every single details and colour combinations designed and matched by them…. Everything was dealt with professionalism, we are very satisfied and would definitely recommend them to our friends.

Lim Cheng Chuan (Facebook review), Customer

Our ID is Janice. Fantastic work attitude and always ready to help us out from pre sales, renovation proper to post sales.

…Janice’s idea for space saving was innovative and today, our L shaped wardrobe is like the centrepiece of our home… your versatility and creativity are more than just your assets but also a blessing to an otherwise clueless couple like my wife and I.

Loh Ping Sheng (Facebook review), Customer

Awesome designers, great follow through and after completion service. Can’t ask for more!

Meg Loh (Facebook review), Customer

Last but not least…

At Ace Space Design, we value customer experience and pride ourselves as being professional, honest and reliable. Our mission is simple – To deliver a functional, well-designed living space that fits your personality, needs and budget with minimal stress along the way.

Word-of-mouth and referral is our highest source of revenue. We believe in making sure our clients are happy as ultimately, our success depends on our clients’ satisfaction.

Meet us. Talk to us… listen to what we have to say over a cup of coffee before you make that important decision that will stay with you for many years to come. 

We are happy to host you at our office.

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